Monday, January 31, 2011

Final Birthday Bash (Mister)

Well, all good things must come to an end. Today Manda is showcasing her kit, Mister:

You've got photos to scrap. Photos of guys. And we aren't talking little boys: we are talking grown up boys, men, guys who don't want to be scrapped with cute little cars and toy trucks. But you don't have a kit. Believe us, we know how hard it is to find one - that's why we made one! Nibbles Skribbles teamed up with Mad Genius Designs to bring you Mister! We've packed this kit with grungy papers, unique elements that you can cluster (that aren't flowers!), as well as basics like ribbon and string.

Here are my layouts with this kit:

And for the final freebie on Manda's blog:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 16 (Mr. & Mrs.)

Today, Manda is highlighting her beautiful wedding kits, Mr. & Mrs.

I've still got my wedding pics to scrap and the colors in the Spring kit will go nicely. I've only been waiting 28 years to scrap them!

Here are some freebie clusters that Manda is offering on her blog today.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 15 (Brave Patient)

Manda created this kit to scrap a very scary time for her. Her little boy became very ill and needed surgery. It just so happens that this kit was released at a time when I was very ill myself, so I never did use this kit to scrap anything...yet.

Have you ever gone to the hospital? Has your child? If so, you need this kit to scrap those memories. Brave Patient is filled with adorable hospital and doctor themed elements to celebrate the brave patients in your life!

And the freebie on her blog today:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 14 (Love Yourself)

The girls have collaborated again and are offering a NEW kit for their birthdays.

Instead of focusing on all of the goals, resolutions and changes you'd like to make - take a minute and focus on yourself. Love Yourself is a beautiful kit meant to capture you!

Here is my layout with this kit:

I made that layout into a QP and Steph is offering it and another QP on her blog as a gift:

And Manda has a few QPs on her blog as well:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 13 (Freakaliscious)

Here is another collab between the birthday girls: Nibbles Skribbles and Scrappy Cocoa.

Here is a freaky fun kit brought to you by the talented trio of Scrappy Cocoa, Nibbles Scribbles and LightningBug Creations. With a happy color palette of pinks,blues and browns, this kit is perfect for all your everyday photos. There are 26 bright and colorful patterned,textured and plain papers, 50 unique and fun elements and a funky alpha!

And Manda is offering these on her blog as a gift to you:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 12 (Pink or Blue)

Pink or Blue? Girl or Boy? Today is the day Manda of Nibbles Skribbles will find out if she will be having a girl or a boy in a few months. So in honor of this great surprise, she is highlighting her kit Pink or Blue:

Check her blog for this freebie (and maybe we'll find out if she is having a girl or a boy!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 11 (Summer's Eve)

Oh, man, I wish it were a "summer's eve" right about now. The January gray and cold is pretty dreary. But take a look at this cheery kit that Nibble Skribbles is discounting today:

Here's my layout:

And on her blog you'll find this freebie:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 10 (In Loving Memory)

Today's feature:

This kit was created with all of the loved ones lost in mind. In Loving Memory contains unique elements to help you scrap the memories of loved ones lost. This kit contains 8 patterned/textured papers and 5 solids and 36 elements (26 unique) and an uppercase alpha (numbers and some punctuation).

And the freebie QPs for today:

Get it here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 9 (Along the Nile)

Today, Nibbles Skribbles and Scrappy Cocoa are highlighting a kit they collaborated on:

Can you feel the magic of Egypt? The lure of the pyramids, the sandy desert, maybe even a genie in a magic lamp? Nibbles Skribbles, Scrappy Cocoa, and JW-DigiScraps are thrilled to present you a kit which captures that magic of Egypt. Rich jewel tones and sandy browns will have you feeling like you are whisked away to this magical place. Unique elements like pyramids, magic lamps, castles, camels, and heiroglyphs fill this kit.

You can scrap your trips, maybe a costumed adventure, or even a trip to the museum. Beautiful patterns, rich colors, and verstile elements will lend an air of magic to any layout.

And Manda is offering a freebie on her blog.

You can grab them here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 8 (Picking Perfect Pumpkins)

Ahhh, my all time favorite kit. Nibbles Skribbles is highlighting Picking Perfect Pumpkins today.

This kit is perfect for all of your fall memories. Crisp autumn colors combined with fun fall foliage and elements combine to bring you this perfect collection!

This kit contains:

12 Patterned/Textured Papers
37 Elements
Full Uppercase Alpha including numbers and some punctuation

And here are some freebie clusters that she is offering on her blog:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 7 (Goodnight Sleepyhead/Sugar Sugar)

And it continues (isn't this fun?)

Today Manda is highlighting one of my favorites.

(Click image)

Here is a layout I made using this kit:

Her freebie for today is this:

Sugar Sugar is today's feature for Scrappy Cocoa:

Another of my favorites. You can get it here or here.

Here are my layouts:

And her gift for today is another template set (I love template sets!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 6 (Bright & Merry/Little Miss)

Nibbles Skribbles is highlighting a Christmas kit today. I'm sure many of you have some Christmas photos to scrap still.

(Click preview)
A fun bright holiday kit that works well for any winter layouts! In fact, the colors are so merry that you just might be able to scrap anything you want with this kit! Containing 8 patterned/textured papers and 5 solid papers, 27 unique elements and an uppercase alpha with numbers and some punctuation.

My layouts:

Today's freebie is this QP set. You can use them to catch up with those Christmas photos!

And Scrappy Cocoa is highlighting the female equivalent of yesterday's kit:

This is a fancy and sweet little girls kit, perfect for tea parties and dress up. This kit includes 16 papers, an alpha and 45 elements including-
1 Backwards Brad
1 bead Spill
2 Brooches
1 Clasp
1 Clock
4 Flowers
2 Frames
3 Hearts
2 Heart and Glitter Scatters
1 Journal Tag
1 Key
2 Leaves
1 Owl
2 Paint Splats
2 Pearls
1 Photo Wrap
5 Ribbons
2 Staples
1 Stitches
3 Strings
5 Tags

You can grab this kit here or here.

And as a birthday freebie gift, she made this unique planner page template:

You can get that on her blog today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 5 (Feeling Fallish/Little Sir)

Warm, Rich fall colors come together with some trademarks of fall to create this beautiful kit. Feeling Fallish contains 9 patterned/textured papers, 5 solid papers, a full lowercase letter with numbers and some punctuation, 27 unique elements and 12 word art pieces.

I love these colors!

And Manda has these great QPs on her blog for today's freebie offering:

This is the perfect kit for all the little Gentlemen in your life! Cute and classic, perfect for all ages! Kit included 16 Papers, Full alpha, and 40 Elements including-
1 Bead Spill
4 Brads
5 Buttons
3 Clips
3 Flowers
2 Frames
1 Journal Strips
2 Leaves
2 Paint Splats
3 Ribbons
2 Staples
3 Strings
2 Tags
2 Tape Pieces
3 Word Strings
1 Paper Clip
1 Word Bead

You can grab this kit on sale at GingerScraps or theStudio.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 4 (Summer Nights/Oven Lovin')

The Birthday Bash continues. This is from Nibbles Skribbles:

A beautiful collection, Summer Nights contains the right mix of elements to help you scrap evenings around the fire, BBQs in the backyard, beautiful sunsets or any other photo in your collection!

This Kit Contains:

12 Patterned/Textured Papers
Full Uppercase Alpha
String Butterfly
3 buttons
Clipped Flowers
Cluster Frame (with and without shadow)
Curled Ric Rac
3 unique flower
Grass Frame
Sparkle Element
Lightning Bug
Marshmallow Scatter
Marshmallow Stick
Paper Flower
Stitched Circle
Straight Ribbon
2 curled strings
Sun journal block
Twisted Ribbon

Here is my layout with this kit:

And today's freebie on Manda's blog is this lovely QP set:

Scrappy Cocoa has this today:

The perfect kit to scrap all your kitchen adventures! Everyone has pictures of kids into chocolate chips, or pictures or dinners that turned out perfectly... or not so much... Use this kit for all those wonderful memories! Kit includes 16 papers, full alpha, 53 Elements including
3 Buttons
Lots of cooking stuff- chef's hat, cups, dippers, spoons, spatulas, fridge, frying pan, shelf, mugs, oil, salt shakers, oven, tea pots, timer, toaster and even a kitchen sink!
4 Flowers
1 Frame
3 Scatters
2 Leaves
2 Photo Corners
3 Ribbons
1 Staple
3 Tags

How cute! Here is my layout:

And today on her blog she's offering this beautiful kit:

I used this kit and a template from yesterday's freebie to make this layout: